Preview Markdown docs with grip

Just came across this cool project grip. (GRIP = Github Readme Instant Preview) It let you preview your Markdown (Github flavor) documents locally. It’s a Python based tool, so you may get it by pip. Here is a quick example.

pip install grip
mkdir myproject
echo '#Hello

Get a [grip]( on your Markdown!
' > myproject/
grip myproject

Now you can hit http://localhost:6419 to see your awesome doc!

Hello Word Press! I Moved From Blogger

I have moved my old saltnlight5 Blogger to this WordPress.

I have also created a new identity lesscodelessbug. Naming things are always hard, but I come to conclude that things should be named with simple names without weird abbreviations. The name lesscodelessbug also reflect my view on how software should be written. The idea is not original but just need to be executed consistently.

Another reason I moved from Blogger platform to this WordPress is that it supports Markdown! And WP editing interface is so much nicer! Most of my posts have lot of code snippet, and having some syntax markdown greatly simplify writing.